Who Are We?

Why Noving?

Because NOVING is a studio that offers architectural services as well as coordination and organization of the building process, interior design, site supervision services, geodetics and consultation.
The integration of different jobs that are directly related and interdependent makes it possible to produce harmonized and complete project documentation in addition to other services.
In the past ten years, this approach has resulted in a series of projects and realizations.
We combine architecture with real life desires and needs, in which a project can be aesthetically pleasing but also functional, of good quality and feasible.

How we work?

We approach each project individually, as it consists of different challenges within set parameters.
With this all-encompassing approach, professional work experience and knowledge we strive to reach the best solutions, within the boundaries of deadlines and budgets.
We take on the role of a locomotive that leads the investor towards the best path – from buying real-estate, to concept and construction drawings, to obtaining required licenses, choosing materials and equipment, and finally to the project’s realization.

What guarantees for us?

We have many years of experience in designing a number of residential buildings, family homes and villas, as well as many other corporate, public and tourist buildings.

Our Motto:

A client satisfied in his ideal space is our motive!

Our Team

Vanja Šverko

mag. ing. aedif.

Carla Sučić

dipl. ing. arh.

Božica Sabljak

arh. teh.